If you are an Investor, who is interested in supervising general contractor of the construction, then the service of technical supervising is right one for you.

Technický dozor investora

Technical supervision of the investor can be defined as a control activity that monitors compliance with:

  • design documentation
  • contract conditions
  • technical standards STN/EN
  • Time Schedule of construction
  • construction budget
Technical supervision of the investor assures quality of construction in compliance with contractual schedule and budget.
Technical supervision of the investor is not law established activity and is designed primarily for those investors who want to control the contractor's work.
Technical supervision of the investor - that's more than supervisor. It is a complete service from the consultation of the project with the investor to the hand-over of the complete construction. It monitors the quality of the work and the costs

We represent and protect the interests of the investor and we effort to save his time and construction costs. We will resolve the disputed situations for the benefit of the investor. We are continually tracking an inventory of real activities, contract prices, quality and the total cost of the construction.

The task of technical supervision is to take over the completed construction works and the performances. Therefore, continually quality control and project design compliance are necessary.

We offering services as:

Before starting the construction:

  • consultation of construction plan
  • establish and assessment real budget calculation
  • Preparation and consulting before signing the contract with supplier
  • Performing inspections within expediting activities of dedicated components in manufacturer site

During construction activities on site:

  • Organize and managing weekly meetings (control meetings)
  • regular and clear information about quality of erection
  • performing take-over protocols of deliveries on site
  • preparation of photo and video documentation
  • Quality control on site within erection activities and deliveries
  • Monitoring construction time-schedule
  • preparation register of non-conformities for better monitoring and closing of these findings
  • Giving advices within erection stage, technological procedures and used materials on site.
  • Final handover of construction to investor (handover of individual systems)